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Heidi Massa

Choosing a Rolfer®

Since you'll spend lots of time and money with your Rolfer®, make the most of it: Pick one you genuinely like -- one who grasps your goals and concerns, and is qualified to address them.

Heidi Massa, B.A., J.D. (University of Chicago), has been guiding the somatic adventures of the discerning, the curious and the brave since 1994 in Chicago's East Lincoln Park. She's a function-oriented practitioner of Rolfing® Structural Integration who makes movement awareness and re-patterning a key part of her sessions. Her client-centered approach customizes the work to suit each person's unique needs, interests and way of being in the world -- not to promote any particular viewpoint.

In-person consultations are always free of charge.

What to expect?

Heidi Massa trained through the Rolf Institute® in Munich, Boulder and São Paulo.

Professional Affiliations and Activities

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